Thursday, January 13, 2005

School, Flooring, Curry and More.....

Between UPS a full course load at ODU, the rottage of my bathroom floor and the upcoming drill weekend, I'm pooped.

The floor in my bathroom and living room is going to have to be replaced. Ugh!
Currently, I'm staying with the folks until repairs are completed. They have dial up....hence little blogging.

My 10AM and 12:00 noon classes are in the big Batten Arts and Letters building next to Hampton Boulevard. My 11:00AM class is over a mile away near the waterfront.....all three teachers lock the door on or penalize tardy students....thus the other college students are getting a kick out out of seeing fat-bald-man(tm) run with 60 pounds of books like he's being chased by a Hound of Tindalos(tm) to, and later, fro.

College Drivers are INSANE!

After 4 years away, thanks to islamofacist butchers.... I'm back in Japanese....It is demoralizing how far behind I am now but I am slowly catching up.

One particularly bright note involves the food court in Webb Student Center. There is an Indian curry joint there now! YAY! Even better, few students want to risk it so there is rarely much of a line......better still they are really cheap! (Rock!) I only hope that the store maintains that delicate balance between short lines and solvency.

After a go-round with the DMV it was decided that the expiration date on my license is the same as my actual expiration date.....thus I'm not in jail. Sheesh!

I drill this weekend, but that will not stop me from seeing Battlestar Galacticas 1st episode.

Life is stressful but good. :)

I'm going to bed........

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