Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Soooo...There Was This Bird You See......

Left work today, and on the way home saw a wounded seagull in the middle of J Clyde Morris Blvd (a major thouroughfare) . It was upside down, kicking its leg and looked bad.

At this point it rolled over, waddled and sat....in the middle of a major intersection....post blizzard.

I pulled over put on my hazards and slipped and slided into the major intersection and watched as not one but 4 cars ran it over....to my astonishment they had all missed the bird.

I slipped and slid to the bird on the red light, grabbed the bird and waddled through the snow and ice to my car. Putting the all to docile gull in my passenger seat I went to the restraunt where I was to meet people cancled my plans and beganb the long trek to the bird rehabilitarors in Newport News Park.

This is not an easy drive in the aftermath of a 16" snowfall in an area that usually gets 2-4 inches in a year. ......anyway when I opened my door I noticed the bird was missing a search of the limited hiding areas available in a metro turned up a seagull in the luggage compartment.

When I oppened the hatchback the supposedly wounded bird spread its wings and very slowly flew out.

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