Sunday, December 26, 2004

Oh Dear God....

I just found out about the Earthquake.

At least 10,000 dead in SE Asia Australia and Indonesia.

There has been NO contact at ALL from Mynamar or Bangladesh since the tsunami's hit.

Over at Command Post there is a lengthy and link rich series of posts here just scroll down.

Preliminary reports are dreadful and TCP links to a post that points out that if things are as bad as they look in Bangladesh, 141 MILLION people may be without food soon due to the annihilation of Ganges farmland.

This is BAD. It may be the worst NATURAL disaster since Krakatoa, and if the above number is correct, as many people are at risk of dying in a year or so as leftism killed in 70.

No info on relief efforts or charity sites yet.

UPDATE: Michelle Catalano has graciously provided charity links over at the Command Post here as does Tim Blair over here as well as another link-rich post here.

....And WHAT THE EFFING EFFF is the news doing covering their squalid courtroom dramas while all this is going on? The news coverage was disgraceful on ALL networks 'till about 9pm, hell, MSNBC was still running Headliners and Ledgends when I got to my folks house. Drudge and the Command Post , however, did give this story the coverage it deserved. ......and another thing, to the woman who was stranded in an airport over Christmas and was ranting to FOX News about how her Christmas was ruined and this was the worst thing ever.....GET A LIFE YOU NARCISSISTIC BITCH!! Upwards of 24000 people are dead and you're whining about the loss of your Christmas presents! .....but I digress....

Millions are now homeless and I heard over the radio that 400 fishing vessels are missing (That seems odd to me as tsunami's are generally not a nav-hazard out to sea....of course if they were fishing on a shoal like the Grand Banks the wave might have broken there).

There is the inevitable threat of disease as the people and animals decay, not to mention the sewage washed into the streets by this disaster.

The Quake moved the entire Island of Sumatra 100 feet to the southwest according to Drudge who is all over this story right now.

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