Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Wow.....Where was the line?

I keep hearing stories about the ungawdly lines in this election. I finally found my polling location around 3:30 pm. It was several blocks from where I had thought after looking it up (that was another polling place). I went in expecting the line from hell....but there was no line.

In fact, I was one of two 2 voters in the whole place!

I voted, got my little sticker and left. I saw a third voter walking up as I left.

I wonder how much (if any) the change of location depressed the turnout. The time may have been an off time for voting but I saw at least one other polling location that appeared quite busy (from the street) earlier.

The poll operators did say that it had been much busier earlier but they too were surprised that it was so sparsely populated this afternoon.


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