Saturday, October 09, 2004

Debate the Third: Beleated Blogging

Regards the second Presidential debate. I felt that for me it was a draw. Bush probably won the debate in the absolute sense, having done vastly better than Kerry at letting people know where he stood. However to me the questions carried varying weights.

EG:Bush's answer about the patriot act was dead wrong, however Kerrys was no better. He merely wants to enforce the laws selectively....which I find even creepier than bad laws themselves. At least with Bush, the MSM will keep him under scrutiny that Kerry would be able to avoid. Most of the creepieness in TPA come from leftie wish lists of the last decade. I am very glad that the law has a sunset provision. Compared to what was done in previous wars with Dems in office this travesty is quite lax....but that comparison damns with faint praise. Given events that have happenned in the last several years I think much of it is probably necessary while we are at war. I will be very very happy when the sun sets on this law though.

On other issues Bush did pretty decent. Even when I disagree with him he was able to articulate a principled, humanistic reason for, say, his stem cell decision (which does NOT ban reaserch....just govt. funding of research).

He said wood...uhuh...huhuhuuh.

All in all it was heartening to me as it put him back in the race.

Given my disagreements with the President I would likely have voted Democrat for the first time this year if only the donks had put someone both sane and principled on the ticket......alas they went with a farleft europhilic windsock. While Kerry doesnt come across as a smarm farm like Nixon or Clinton, he is not likely to win the war or help the economy or follow up on the presidents little commented on alti-energy initiative and he's actively hostile to manned space exploration beyond the ISS.


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