Monday, August 16, 2004


Well I went to Maryland to see some friends over the weekend and take a train out to San Francisco to hop a MAC flight to Guam.

Before I left, I checked my E-mail.....and found a message from a USCG Master-Chief telling me to confirm that my unit had approved my switch with the PSU sailor. As I understand it , I'm not to pack my bags yet....but I'm encouraged do ALL my laundry.

This is troublesome because I now have to recancel my plans for transfer to Guam....or even taking classes at ODU....for something that is merely likely to happen but not certain. I don't mind putting my life on hold to serve my country, but to spin my wheels to no good end will annoy me no end. Nevertheless, I volunteered for this and if the deployment comes to pass I have no regrets. If it gets nixed I hope to at least know by the time classes start.

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