Sunday, July 11, 2004

Oh Now this is Just Scary...

This story is not getting a lot of play but when Senators Daschle and Schumer come out of a National Security briefing saying things like "...information that would lead anyone to believe that there is a higher threat level today than there has been for some time" and "troubling and worrisome" then one must take pause.

These two are generally pretty partisan and are as likely to downplay the war as anything....but whatever was in that briefing scared them....scared them enough that they seem to feel that this is not the time for partsan sniping but for caution. This is Dashcle and Schumer here.

Read about it here and here....but not much else. This seems like real news to me but it i'm not seeing much on it. I heard a blurb on the radio ONCE and then had to dig for it.

Update: more reports of this are popping up on google news now. In fairness I don't have TV at the moment so I'm not sure what kind of play this is getting in the real world

Update 2: I think this was the terror briefing Kerry skipped to go to a fundraiser for.

Update 3: Removed redundant AOL news link that I learned just today no one without AOL can see. (woops!) No further links in the last few hours that I can find.

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