Thursday, July 29, 2004


  The Sudanese have violated the cease-fire brokered earlier this year and the situation is deteriorating the situation was bad before what is happening now is nothing short of a disaster.

   Winds of Change has a roundup thus far.

   Powell went there and described the situation as catastrophic. (but that BBC link won't work)

   I see the US and UK are trying to make something happen multilaterally but those pesky cooler heads keep getting in the way. They are talking much civilized talk, shuffling paper importantly and avoiding the gauche and cowboyish option of providing a solution....thereby keeping their consciences clear.

   I often wonder how much blood it will take to satisfy the consciences of these 'cooler heads'  to the point they can act....if past experience is any guide, quite a bit.  More likely there isn't enough blood there, so if some hotheads stop it from flowing the 'cooler heads' will then have to cluck condescendingly and protest angrily at those that would offend sophisticated sensibilities by doing something other than bluster, wave fingers and cry crocodile tears.

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