Saturday, June 12, 2004

Spaceblogging Again: X-Prize and Such

Those of you millions of loyal readers (!) who remember this post know that I am indeed a bit of a space cadet.

You probably want more space bloggage,I know i do, so HERE the cool cats at Encyclopedia Astronautica have massively updated their X-Prize pages with good overviews of all the current contenders. As mentioned below, Burt Rutan is the odds on favorite but I'm pleasantly surprised at the number of contenders that are in the enginering test stage.

Combine this encouragement with a bit of news that was released today from the Aldrege Commission on Space aqnd the two combine to form happy new levels of optimism.

Yessirree even NASAs own report wants it to get out of the business of building spaceships and support private efforts to get into space.

If this pans out then space could become massively more attainable in the next decade or so!

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