Sunday, June 27, 2004

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Guam

A petty officer in a Port Security Unit has asked if I can switch places with him for 18 months or so. The man has gotten a one time job offer that will not only get him a masters degree and several patents, but put him in a position to achieve a lot of his goals. Naturally his unit is going on timed as to cost him this whole thing.

Now I served with this fellow and he is a good man, he is not a slacker, time server, or coward. He is a former Airborne soldier who has transfered to the USCGR and, in my old unit took the lead in several projects and was involved in every deployment we undertook (except in the obvious case of simultaneous deployments). He is not trying to get out of subsequent deployments just this one. His new unit is being deployed to an area that is not exactly loved by many servicemen(like Guam.....but in an entirely different way:).

I know something of what it means to have ones dreams dashed and I am not adverse to deployment to a combat area (I actually inquired about it before my knee injury) so I've told him is in the hands of the Master Chiefs now.

Given that my Guam transfer with UPS is still pending I could well find "home" is somewhat farther south....and in the future.... when said deployment is over. (assuming it/they goes through).

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