Sunday, May 30, 2004

Coast Guard, UPS, Guam, Mesapotamia....all related somehow

The Coast Guard is holding me in limbo while UPS decides weather they can really move me to Guam. I talked to the HR director Friday and his response was "Oh.. I'll get right on your transfer!" I have a whole schlew of new paperwork to fill out and it could be 30-40 days before I get an answer.

The Coast Guard have been great but they cant wait any longer so their going to reasign me and if I move to Guam they'll move me....however they are making noises about just transferring me into a Port Security unit that is going to Iraq soon.

I don't reaqlly have a problem with this,(I volunteered for Gulf Duty before the knee injury) but PSUs require a 5 year commitment....and 5 years is exactly the ammount of time on acttive duty that UPS needs to fire me under the Soldiers and Sailors Act. Additionally, I want to finish college (one of the reasons I'm looking at Guam) I hoping that I can get out of the 5 year commitment and just do a deplyment or two until things are stable again.

I'm also looking at just bailing on UPS and getting a govt. job on either Saipan or Guam. I hope to move to the Marriannas weather or not I get to go to the Gulf.


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