Saturday, April 24, 2004

Pat Tillman

A brave man has died, I am pretty certain that he would be embarrassed by the attention he has now gotten in death. He certainly went to lengths to avoid publicity after he enlisted. But his particularly selfless act has made him to many the symbol of or fighting men.

He gave up a multi-million dollar football contract to serve his country after Sept. 11.

He was killed in Iraq yesterday.

He is surely no more or less a loss to us than the other men and women who have given their last full measure, but his selflessness even before his ultimate sacrifice was truly noteworthy.

Michelle had a post on him here.....and when the leftie vultures swooped into gloat, poke fun or dishonor his memory with their crocodile tears she posted this....which was more civil than was deserved....but hey, Michelle is a class act.

A very link rich post on Tillman is up at the Command Post, here.

It is probably good now to read Peggy Noonans piece on Tillmans enlistment, written back in 2002.

Here is what some people are frothing about: and here too.

This is why I am unwilling to vote democratic any time soon.

I can't fathom the sociopathic hate that passes for thought on the far left.

Lieberman and even Edwards stood up to these jerks and it cost them the nomination.
Kerry won't publically denounce these wastes of skin....perhaps they make up too large a component of his base....much like Bush and the religious right.....but if I have a choice (and I do...this being a republic and all) I'll take my chances with the irritating church ladies...not the vile venomous vermin that call a fallen hero a murderer.

This man gave up everything to do what he though was right and these keyboard commandoes disparage him.

Pat Tillman was a hero. He is now fallen.
Mourn him....but don't dishonor his memory with crocodile tears.

Update: Baldilocks has the solution to the trolls :)

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