Friday, April 02, 2004

Daily Kos....WTF?

This was going to be a post on a comment a provincial, spoiled, arrogant, selfish, prick had made.

Then it was going to be a cautionary tale of not parroting dirty slanders about people.

Now its a link to Micheles blog.

The Daily Kos DID indeed say the vile hateful hurtful hellishly insolent things he was accused of.

He is just too much of a spinless dishonest Keg Of S**T to own up to them.

All three of the men who died and were so brutally desecrated by Bathist Pigs had families. KOS thought this was good KOS thought this was poetic.

Then he deleted his post.....his google cache....everything.
....because he is a waste of skin.

The courage he feels sitting in judgement on those who do things while he is safely ensconsed behind his monitor....somehow failed him.

Perhaps he felt a pang in the atrophied portion of his brain that used to be a concience, Whatever. He doesn't even have the guts to apologize. He certainly isn't in any position to sit on his ever expanding bottom, from behind his keyboard, and cast dispersions on those who had the wherewithall and courage to do something in a hellish and dangerous place.

I've worked with some of the people from Blackwater. They are decent, profesional deeply patriotic people who EARN EVERY PENNY they make. These guys had families, and this waste of skin cheers their deaths.

Then he can't even apoligize for it.

The fact that he deleted his post shows he KNEW he did something wrong....or he's just a coward.

Update: Oliver Willis who is waaayy out on the left is still classy enough to call this as being over the line. This takes some guts on his part given the popularity of KOS. Good show Oliver.

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