Sunday, March 21, 2004

Guam... AMSAM...Tarawa....Which should I choose?

My MSST may be getting rid of its reserve component. That means I'd have to find another unit to drill at that has a need for my skills...Marine Science Tech.

Well it seems that the Marine Saftey Departments in Guam and American Samoa need MSTs.

Now there are certainly units near my walking distance but I'm out of debt and if I can find a job there I may take them.

American Samoa is a very isolated polynesian territory. It is basically a collection of 4 volcanic islands with a couple of really small towns. It is NOT a popular assignment given the total lack of a nightlife....though as I am a teetotalling homebody this is not as big a problem for me as most. And i like that tropical thing. :)

Guam is the southernmost of the Marrianas islands It is a seperate territory for reasons that ecsape me.

The Island is VERY small and is not well liked either given that it is considered a hardship post. The cost of living is high so I'd probably commute from Tarawa for drills....(Is there any work on Tarawa?)



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