Thursday, January 08, 2004

To The Moon Baby!!!!

...and then Mars!!

HOOH Yeah!!!

He's gonna do it!!!

He's really gonna do it!!!

El Presidente is sending us to the moon....then Mars.....

I had just had the most wretched day......

But I blundered onto this and all was well....

It looks like the president will be announcing a big space initiative next week. Reports are that he will announce a return to the moon, and the establishment of a base the beginning of a program to put US feet-prints on Mars within a decade.

"Beagle...we're comming to get you!!"

The moonbase plans are a real step forward and will go a long way to ensuring that this does not morph into a Kennedy style plant the flag and leave fiasco.

Here are some powerpoint slides from the aborted Space Exploration Initiative scroll right, the next 4 slides are SEI info.

The space exploration initiative was made by Bush-1 but ran afoul of the Democratic Congress and its need to not pass anything that might make Bush look visionary....and NASAs desire to use it to pay for platinum plated toilets and bungalows in Barbados for all NASA executives......(I exagerate....but not by much)

Of the above hyperlinks, the Mars Exploration plans are the most out of date. Any new Mars mission will likely be some variant of Robert Zubrins Mars Direct plan.....the one NASA was using as their baseline in the early 90's was a development of the VonBraun plan from the 1940's and 50's.

The moon base plans for the SEI are likely to be more accurate.

As noted on this blog previously, the moon is rich in He3 which is a potential fuel for fusion reactors. As El Presidente' Bush has done quite a bit to restart the morbund US Fusion program and has been a low key but effective supporter of alternate power such as turkeyoil, he might not be the creepy oil baron his critics make him out to be.Having a base on the moon would facillitate tapping this reserve in the future.

SPS Arrays and ultimately Space Colonies will be within our grasp if we pull this off right.


I'm just beyond pleased. :)

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