Thursday, January 15, 2004

Littoral Combat Ship

The LCS is a program by another US sea service to design a ship that can work close inshore much like the mighty, awesome and irreproachable USCG.

Well, it looks like the design is going to be built for both services....which makes a frightening ammount of sense.

The USCG has a great deal of experience in inshore operations and so we support the Navy in litorral operations. The problem is most of our cutters are 30-40 years old so it's high time to get some new ones. Having compatability with the navy will help with suppiles in a war and aid in cooperating.

Its even possible thart the USCG will have more of these than the NAVY. God bless the USN, they are geared for high intensdity warfare not Law Enforcement and such. (And we all rejoice at this happy fact)

Here is a picture of the three competing designs. It looks a wee bit big for inshore work, but it will make a spiffy keen cruising cutter.

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