Monday, January 26, 2004

Auuuugh!!! 2 Inches of Snow...We're All Gonna Die!!!

Yesterday was marked by a snowstorm. Nothing exceptional except this is Southeastern Virginia and this sort of thing causes pandemonium.

For reasons that remain obscure...(unless they're just stupid) the VADMV did nothing to the roads until after midnight, by which time the roads were clobbered.

I had gone to my parents house as my folks were coming back from NC. My grandmother had taken a fall and I wanted to help my dad get her in the house. 6 hours late they arrived, My dad and I brought my grandmother in got everything set up so she could get in and out of her bed and I took off for home.

Of course there was no power at my house, so I crawled back to the parents house dodging people who seem to think that the middle of the road is a good place to walk during a snowstorm at night.

After hearing on the Radio that ODU was open at noon, I sallied forth to go take a test.....Naturally, the campus was actually closed so I shlollomed through Norfolk amazed at the unfathomable displays of poor driving until I got to the cybercafe I sometimes frequent and am sitting here waiting for the traffic to let up( The tunnel being blocked by a wreck)

This is a minor snowstorm, but the whole bloody area is shut down .......sheesh!

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