Sunday, December 28, 2003

New Years Resolutions....2004 (Draft 1)

1: Barring another reserve call-up, finish the semester at ODU.

2: Loose 30 pounds ('lost a hundred a few years ago...this is doable)

3: With most everything paid for, and I'm soon to be back up to civilian pay, put money away.

4: Get those annoying trailer repairs done by February.

5: See my friends more.

6: Don't be a burden to my friends.

7: Make MST2nd class this year in the USCGR.

8: Start diving again

9: Stretch more (no more torn ligaments dammit!!!)

10: Have all predictable bills paid at least three months in advance by July.

11: Maintain a current GPA of 3.8 or better.

12: now that most everything is paid for....don't jump back into debt.

13: As I turn 34 on Jan to see 35. :)

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