Thursday, November 13, 2003


Yesterday i went running with my unit during PT for the first time in 7 months. I fell out after we we hit the brambly trails in the woods but started running again after got back on pavement.....not only does my knee hurt but I just generally feel like day two of basic training...Oh well, I'll be in shape soon enough especially since the run did not do any real damage.


I'm Off to DC!!

Tomorrow afternoon, I head up to DC to a more or less all weekend party at a friends house.

The official purpose of the party is to watch obscure movies and anime though I will sneak out a bit to...
A) hit some museums and....
B) pick up a copy of Project Moonbase

Washington DC is fairly close to my house, though I haven't been there since I signed the condolances book at the aussie embassy post Bali. It is about a three or 7 hour drive...depending on what they are doing at Springfield (I exaggerate only slightly, the Springfield interchange is insane).

Anyhoo, this will be only my second actual down time in 4 months or so. (yayyy!!)

And in the (possibly) bigger yayy!!!! category.........

President Bush gives his speech Monday to comemorate the Wrights Brothers flight and rumors are growing that he will unveil a major shift in US space policy.

Update: Nope! The Wrights first flew on DECEMBER 17th if the speech is given, thats when it'l be... (ooops)

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