Thursday, November 27, 2003

More on the Coolness of the POTUSs Surprise Visit

I've had a bit of time to digest both vast quanities of Turkey and the impact of Bush's "Turkey Surprise"

Besides the obvious security advantages, there is a subtle coolness to the stealthieness of the Presidents arival. The soldiers were spared days of cleaning heads polishing brass pressing uniforms and possibly having to wear their "class A " s. This made the visit actually enjoyable for the troops. I've discovered since my callup, that a looming VIP visit can be a dreadful work multiplier. The public won't see this but rest assured the troops appreciate it.

A leader actually mingling with the troops (not to mention handing out food and talking to...not down to the troops) has an almost magical effect on morale. I've seen this firsthand since I've been called up. This is especially important now.

The brief speech was pretty good too. It's here

All in all just a neat thing. The President is human and certainly not infallible, but he really does relate to people and I have no doubt that he is trying very hard to do the right thing. He is certainly a HELL of a lot smarter and nicer than some of his critics believe....and he's a hell of a lot smarter and nicer than some of his critics.

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