Monday, November 10, 2003

Matrix Regurgitations

Well I went to see the movie. Urrrrp...

Aside from a very nice camera angle on Monica Bellucci, there is precious little this film has going for it. Oh, and great special effects.

The first Matrix film was a good little PK Dick style movie. A few things that had been done before in Hong Kong as well as some cyberpunk books (and of course by Phillip K Dick). It was well done and had a neat twist and a much better philosphical component than most, if a bit pompous (but that was its charm)

The new film pumps up the pompus and adds a bigger budget that is, nevertheless, still not enough to cover that most basic of millitary vehicle accessories, an enclosed cockpit.

As usual Lileks has beaten me to it and does a better job of pointing out the films flaws and its good points. (It has them , it is no Wing Commander).

Being a geek, I was wondering if Neo was simply a program intended to stabilize Zion who just fell in love and saved everybody. That still works but the film was too busy being all zen and pompous to answer mere geek questions.

I also had hoped for some explanation of the difference between the upbeat ending of the first movie "we're going to fight and win" to the second films "survival would be a really nice option" alas still no explanation for the differences in tone or what the supposed setback was.

But these are geek questions and the film is not aimed at geeks, it seems to be aimed at pretentious goth types who fancy themselves at once Zen and eurotrendy.

Still, I can't say I really felt robbed or anything, just sort of "eh!"

Oh well...
One month till Return of the King :)

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