Thursday, November 27, 2003

Dynasoar Pics!!!

....and yet more space bloggage

Because people actually E-mailed me regards these posts (and because I'm a space cadet)

Encyclopedia Astronautica has massively updated their page on the X-20 Dynasoar as well as adding several pages about early US Spaceplane projects. This is a truley cool site that was dead for a while but is getting updated much more rapidly now. Even without that, the site is an increddible storehouse of space history and trivia info.

I'm a geek. :)

A good overview of the NASA orbital spaceplane can be seen here

Wow! kinda neat looking but not very much advanced from Apollo or the above mentioned Dyna-Soar. Well mabey it is a crash program and there is something to be said for simplicity, but if that's what they're shooting for then why not build them quicker? I mean we got to the moon in less time than these reinventions of the wheel will take!

To get perspective on how conservative these designs are look at todays me) now admittedly these things need work and I don't want antimatter stored in vast quaneties on the planet (far side o'd' moon sounds good) but it is encouraging that the presidents comission is looking far enough ahead to consider them.

In the meantime, the DC-x and Y were well on their way to doing the deed 10 years ago when funding got cut here are pictures


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