Saturday, November 29, 2003

All I'd Need Then Would Be a Scar and a Cat!

This is just too bizarre...
This is just too cool...

Forget the car, the heater, the AC, and food, I'm saving my money for one of these
Yes indeed personal Submarine Yachts, Made in the USA!

If I had one I'd just have to at least try to take over the world. :)

Is this a leading economic indicator?

Seriously, I love diving and this is my dream boat. You could submerge at night and sleep without fear of Pirates (which is a real fear in a lot of the World).

Of course they have good potential as charter boats too. This is just too cool for words. That would be an awesome job....I wonder what the USCG requires for licensing....Hell I'm IN the Coast Guard (R)...I'll ask!!

Gonna take a lot of overtime at UPS to pay fer one of these babies.

Hmm only the big one has a lock out chamber, meaning that you have to surface to dive...(Yeah, Ken is bitching pointlessly :)

Just tooo cool!!!

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