Thursday, November 06, 2003

Al-Quaeda Coast Watchers!!??!!??

This is wrong, sadly, it is not surprising but it is just plain wrong.

Last night, while surfing I picked up a link to a very nicely designed little blog that happened to have a post from
Fairford Peace Watch,which is a UK group that is opposed to the War on Terror.

OK, I vehemently disagree with them but they have every right to voice their opinions. In fact they seem at first glance to be just an example of horribly misplaced idealism except for one thing....

The "Peace Watch" in their title refers to their habit of noting plane movements from US/UK military bases and posting these on the internet. Here is one of their posts on Charlie Roses Board (Now that I have a chance to blog, their Plane Watcher logs are down temporarily).

This is where they cross the line

Posting info on Allied Troop movements is so much like aiding and abetting the enemy.....that it IS aiding and abetting the enemy.

Last time I checked that was treason.....Real, actual, not politically spun treason.

They could easily get some US or UK pilots killed. The world wide web is WORLD wide and the islamists B'aathists and whatever other nasty 'ists are out there are known to see the Wests suicidal straightjacket left as allies..

This is not a grey area, this is pretty straightforward. Ostensibly they are doing this to help start preemptive protests (What? These guys preemptive :) but the info, is as they say "dual use".

Like it or not we are at war; with an enemy that wants us dead or Muslim. It is high time the left decides which side they are on.

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