Monday, October 20, 2003


The recent Chinese Launch did not get anywhere near the press it deserved.

This is big news at any time but especially now given the beauraucratic mess at NASA that has gounded us with two wrecked ships and two dead crews.

Info on the Chinese Spacecraft can be found here

The Chinese still see themselves as the "Middle Kingdom" and indeed have been around since Egypt was young. Ironically we now run the risk of making the same monumental mistake the Chinese made in the middle ages when, after mastering ocean travel, visiting America and Africa, they turned their backs on the world and concentrated on their internal affairs. Then the Europeans who had lagged FAR behind in technology surpassed and rent them.

The Middle Kingdom has been understandably contemplating payback for 150 years. They're methodical and they don't repeat mistakes. Of course if we don't get our space program in order, we'll deserve what we get.

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