Sunday, October 26, 2003


Ok, I have a pet peeve (actually I have nine, but the others are off topic). I grow weary of being called a Fascist or a NAZI simply because I don't agree with somebody on this or that policy.

I have gotten some flack for pointing out to avowed Socialists that the Nazis for instance were.....Socialists.....not Libertarians and certainly not Republicans. Rather violent flack at times.

Fascism is essentially a leftist philosophy.....just not as far left as Communism. Stripped of its iconography it seems to me to be very close to "3rd way socialism" or socialism as the EU seems to want to practice it.

Although I was very much aware of its class warfare and generally leftist underpinnings, I was unaware of it's Communist origins until I read
This article
which points out that it was actually a political compromise by communists especially Mussolini who, as the article points out was the Che Guevera of his day.

Mussolini's communist origins go a long way to explaining the exchange between Italy and the USSR in the 20's and 30's.

I suspect that a good bit of the Anti-Semitism practiced by the Fascists is based on envy rather than religion. That is, there is bloody little that a hard core leftist hates more than someone who is successful. The Jews are widely regarded by asshatted loosers as being undeservedly goes to the heart of many of the blood libels against them. Thus, the scapegoat of the Jews by those who purport to hate capitalism. The fact that Jewish culture does seem to value sucsess and work ethic can't be a good thing to those losers who don't. (see A.N.S.W.E.R.)

Of course you have rightwing anti-semites too (see Al Quaeda...various moonbatted Christian sects), but much of what is seen as right wing extremism (like Neo Nazis) is actually Fascism ie: leftism that is simply to the right of Stalin and thus in the eyes of Stalinists..."right wing".

(I've read that this was actually Stalinist differentiate himself from Hitler in the eyes of the US public during WW2 he and the state dept. seem to have come up with this......I can't find a link but I'm looking.....any link help on this is appreciated)

And now I'm running out of time at the Cyber-Cafe.....pooh!

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