Monday, October 20, 2003


One of the my shipmates suffered a blowout last week. His truck was crushed, both feet were broken his left leg was crushed and his head was stove in.

Sunday I stayed with him in the hospital. The CO saw to it that at least one of our unit was there at all times to render any aid possible to his parents, who had been flown in from Florida.

Sunday afternoon, his brain began to swell and his blood pressure rose. As of this morning, there was little additional change.

The doctors are saying that they will know how much brain damage he suffered by Tuesday.

The man is 19.

Chaplains from as far away as North Carolina have visited him and officers from local stations have stopped by. I've been very touched with how much respect and concern the Guard has shown for a 19 year old third class petty officer.

Matt was going to pick up new tires when his tire blew out.

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